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Nancy J. Howard and Lori A. Bourassa round out our team, helping us to provide excellent client service and support, such as assisting with the preparation of estate planning documents and with probate, trust administration and similar matters.

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Paw Partners

We have a long-held practice of bringing our dogs to work, and on any given day you may see a well-behaved "Paw Partner" greeting clients, playing, or napping. Our most recent Paw Partner, Rudy the Pug, retired in September of 2017.

paw partner Rudy
paw partner Rudy Rudy
paw partner Rudy

We remember fondly Rudy's siblings including his Boston terrier brother Duncan, his brother and sister Cairn terriers Kopell and Kachina, as well as another Boston terrier brother Dexter, all of whom crossed the rainbow bridge after over a combined 16 years of faithful service to the firm. After coming in every day, even when their human was on vacation, we know they are still with us in spirit.

paw partner Kopell Kopell
paw partners Duncan and Dexter Duncan &
paw partner Kachina Kachina